Even one joke a day can make your life easier! Therefore, humour should be an essential part of your life! Funny Nigerian Jokes is another part of Nigerian culture! You should always be on top of the latest and funniest jokes! Take a look at the Top 10 Nigerian Jokes! Naija Comedy Naija jokes follow the ideas of the world humor! You can find a lot of interesting genres in Nigeria! Still, the overall trends are the same! You will find that every type of humor is presented in Nigerian culture! Some of them are more Nigerian-focused than others! Therefore, let’s take a look at the theory of really funny Nigerian jokes! – Satire! Political satire in Nigeria has always been on trend! The best satire can come from real-life experiences! However, this kind of ideas might be very dangerous because not all political leaders can will appreciate the joke! – Irony. It’s when you expect something but the opposite of what you expected is what happens! Somehow, it brings you to laughter. – Sarcasm. It`s a mix of irony and humour. For example. when you tell your friend he is good at singing, but the truth is that he is completely opposite! – Black Comedy! There are no limits for black comedy! You can talk about any topic you want! There is no taboo topic for black humor in funny comedian jokes. Just make sure you are cautious. Some people may be offended by black humor and black jokes. Therefore, it’s unwise to tell the jokes to people you don`t know! Of course, Nigerian jokes are not limited by these above-mentioned types. You can also find other types of comedy on the internet! But these comedy types are the most popular in Nigeria! Now, that you know some theory – it`s time to get straight to business! Let’s take a look at the top 10 Naija jokes you will never forget! Top 10 Funniest Nigerian Jokes Ever! Top 10 Funniest Nigerian Jokes Ever! 10. I`ve lost my phone It`s the funniest joke played by the famous Akpos! Just imagine, a guy sits in the darkness and says that he has lost his phone! He uses the light of his mobile device to look for his device (which he`s holding as a light). He answers a phone call and says: ”Sorry, I can’t speak, I`ve lost my mobile”. Then he decides to call the police to inform them that his phone has been stolen. 9. Cemetery This funny Nigerian joke was written by a man on one of the Nigerian forums: “Our politicians go to the US when they need to work, to Dubai when they need to buy something, to Paris if they want to rest, to Europe if they want to study! They only get back to Nigeria when they want to die! So, is it a cemetery?” 8. Darling Joke It’s a typical example of social satire! Wife tells husband: “Some of your friends think that I`m beautiful!” Husband says: “It`s Jack, right?” She replies: “How do you know?” He replies: “Leftovers are his thing!” 7. It’s our problem It’s another example of social satire in Nigerian jokes. Just imagine, a man comes home from his work. He is very upset! –Wife: “How is it going, honey!” –Husband: “I have a big problem at work.” –Wife: ”Your problem is our problem! Tell me what has happened!” –Husband: “Then, congratulations, we will become parents!” –Wife: “Why is that, honey!” –Husband: “Our secretary is pregnant!” 6. First Class Joke It’s a simple joke which you can tell your parents! A boy comes to his father after school! –Boy: “I have got the highest mark in my class today!” –Dad: “Let`s celebrate then.” –Dad finds out the real marks of his son! –Dad: “What did you mean that you got the highest mark in class?” –Boy: “April Fools!” 5. Who killed Abel? A policeman is praying at a church, and a priest comes to him! –Priest: “Tell me son, who killed Abel?’ –Policeman: “Father, ask the one who is in charge of Abel`s murder case!” 4. Border Journey A boy crosses border on a bicycle. A customs officer stops and inspects him! –Customs officer: “What do you have?” –Boy: “Just rice, officer.” After thorough inspection, the officer finds nothing but rice and releases the boy. The same situation emerges the next day! –Customs officer: “What do you have?” –Boy: “Just rice, officer.” The thorough inspection again shows that the boy carries nothing but rice! The situation repeats on the next day! –Customs officer: “Just tell me, what are you smuggling? I will not tell anybody!” –Boy: “Bicycles, officer.” 3. Three Thieves A judge decides which kind of punishment each thief is about to receive! –Judge: “You will get as many years in prison for as many items you`ve stolen.” –First Thief: “I`ve stolen a can of sardines I get one year of prison”; –Second Thief: “I`ve stolen a tray of eggs, I get 30 years!”; –Third Thief: “Why? Why have I stolen a bag of rice?” 2. Midnight Trip A man comes home late at night. –Husband shouts behind a locked door: ”Let me in!” –Wife: “Go back to where you`ve come from”. –Husband:” Let me in, or I`ll kill myself!” –Wife: “I don`t care!” Husband goes to a lake and throws a stone into the lake. Wife goes out from a house wearing nothing but bra and pants. She tries to “save” her husband in the lake! Husband sneakily returns to the house and locks the door. Wife returns to the house and finds out that the door is closed. –Wife: “Let me in!” –Husband:” Tell me, Darling, where have you come from wearing nothing but pants and bra?” 1. Pregnant Maid –Wife: “Honey, our maid is pregnant!” –Husband: “It’s her problem.” –Wife: “Neighbors are gossiping.” –Husband: ”It’s their problem.” –Wife: “I`m afraid.” –Husband: ”It’s your problem.” –Wife: ”The child is from you!” –Husband: ”That’s my problem”.

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